1.    Have you heard about?  Some people in southeastern Mississippi received a jury summons to appear and call this hotline # ,unfortunately . About 350 people ended up calling a sex hot line. The circuit clerk apologized for the error. Do you think maybe someone was using the number AT WORK I would not think a government employee would do that! Hey maybe Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby would know about  this.                                                                                                                                                                                                2.      Washington has another great idea.        

They say crime doesn’t pay, but that might not be entirely true in the District of Columbia as lawmakers look for ways to discourage people from becoming repeat offenders.(criminals)

The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a bill that includes a proposal to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. It’s based on a program in Richmond, California, that advocates say has contributed to deep reductions in crime there.                                                                                                                                                                                Do we actually pay these idiots to sit in their luxury offices and think, REALLY. Image result for criminal cartoon characters Now can you see that they are trying to slow down the crime rate in D.C. First , Under the bill, city officials would identify up to 200 people a year who are considered at risk of either committing or becoming victims of violent crime. Those people would be directed to participate in behavioral therapy and other programs. If they fulfill those obligations and stay out of trouble, they would be paid.  This came from a council member, Secondly  does this sound like if we give everyone a trophy that the bad guys would go along with the good guys in D.C.and stop being a criminal . Thirdly they could not even come up with their own IDEA  they had to get it from  California. Now they don’t do anything out there that is STUPID.


3.          Scientists have mapped the genome of the bedbug.Bedbugger King Bed Bug mascot

And in New York, they did something more: They traced the nefarious pest through every subway station in the city and discovered a big genetic diversity among the bloodsucking creatures.

Christopher Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medicine, says bedbugs on Manhattan’s West Side are quite different from those on the East Side.

OKAY DOKEY, someone in government gave this nut case a grant (freaking money, freaking taxpayers money). I understand that these liberal college people need the money to survive this harsh and difficult world and they need their own private sanctuary.  Fortunately he picked the sewage system. I want to know why Congress approved of this expenditure, SURELY someone read the request and it was discussed and approved, so I know the Rino’s in Washington has the majority vote ,so they must have been at a party when this was passed cause the Demo”s would not do this WOULD THEY.                                                                                                                                                                                         The idea of shrinking the government really is a good idea , or we could pay them extra to do the tough job of keeping their mouths shut.sarfstic-6



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