Theresa May  No sympathy given by the U.K.

Illegal immigrant with dwarfism loses human rights fight against deportation

Home Office officials ruled the 60-year-old man should be returned to his native Pakistan after he claimed he would not get the medical care he needed there

An illegal immigrant who suffers from a form of dwarfism has lost a human rights fight against deportation with Home Secretary Theresa May.

Home Office officials ruled the 60-year-old man, who suffers from Achondroplasia, should be returned to his native Pakistan after he was convicted of illegal working and deception. His visa ran out in 2006.

The man – who was living in a care home – argued that deportation would undermine his rights to family life and suggested that he would not receive good enough medical treatment in Pakistan.

But his bid to prevent deportation was dismissed by an immigration judge – and that decision has been backed by a Court of Appeal judge.

Detail of the case has emerged in a ruling by appeal judge Lord Justice Sales who analysed the case at a hearing in London.

Mrs May argued that the man had spent more than 40 years in Pakistan before arriving in the UK in 2006 and could return to family life there.

       WWWWHAT THE F–K some one is getting deported in the U.K. What about the 100,000 or more illegals that entered illegally . Well the government has a problem there, just like the U.S. What work permit , we don’t need no stinkin work permits. You owe us free dental, medical ,room and board, Free English little girls (and maybe young boys) for our sexual cravings , we did not bring them with us so you supply. How about some money also .Oh almost forgot the food, has to be halal  . We could stay at the RITZ.We know there are no JOBS here, so you people will have to support us till we find work, HaHaHaHaHa.We would have stayed in France but your welfare is better than theirs. These camel Fu-kers come while your borders are wide open just like America. They will not assimilate into society . They left their shit hole and will turn our hole into shit also . The Europeans like Americans are going to have to make a choice , not the stinkin government, they can not decide What’s for lunch. Anyone who believes that they came for refuge is just a blooming IDIOT. The people know why they are there, we here also know why they are here. BUT our governments no what is best for us , DON’T THEY. I ask you ,if your daughter is of the age, we will say 13, is taken and gang raped for 30 hours would you just let it go ? Like the authorities have. I would be having a killing field day and I would not ask for police help.      Now for the little guy that is getting deported , FU-k him.  OHHH hell I almost forgot , The liberal citizens and the government that are so fu-kin happy with their warm and fuzzy welcome , you need to sponsor them in your homes, let them stay a few months. Oh yes your wife must cook  and wash their  one set of clothes . Make sure your daughter’s dress appropriate .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Image result for picture of illegal immigrants   They do not stop at having 2 or 3 children , they are like rabbits, they have litters of 6 or 8 and that is how they will take over. SO ENJOY YOUR COUNTRY WHILE YOU CAN< MY FRIEND>                                 


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