18 Year charged with impersonating  a  SENATOR .

Published February 21, 2016


An 18-year-old Ohio man was charged with impersonating a peace officer and telecommunications fraud after posing as a state senator and giving a speech to a high school class, authorities said Saturday.


Izaha Akins, of Marion, visited Mohawk High School in December and claimed to be a lawmaker who was going to replace another senator who was planning on resigning due to an illness. Akins told the school he was second in line for the appointment after the first choice declined, according to The Toledo Blade. He also gave a speech to students. (Come on people this kid is a true POLITICIAN, actually he is better than 80% that we have there now.)

School officials realized they were duped weeks later (Weeks later really , can you imagine this guy walking around school all that time and not letting it get out .)after Sen. David Burke, of Marysville, showed up to speak weeks later, as scheduled. Burke told the Associated Press in an email Friday that when he learned about the hoax, he and the high school immediately began working with police.(Hell all they had to do was wait for the guy to get on stage. Have they not heard of Saturday night live. Maybe he was trying out for America has Talent.)

Akins told The Toledo Blade he wanted to make a point about school security in small communities. (You have to give him credit he was worried about school security. Good for you young man.)

“These country schools think it can’t happen to them,” Akins told The Blade in a brief interview. He said he wanted to “prove a point — that these kinds of things can happen. They could easily have Googled me, and they didn’t.(I was just getting ready to say someone SHOULD HAVE GOOGLED HIM, heads need to fly. Someone was asleep at the wheel.)

School officials said Burke was scheduled to speak to a class at Jan. 14 when Akins called to tell them he was his replacement.(First clue). He arranged to visit Dec. 15, provided his real name, presented his driver’s license. (Very smart using his real name and a photo ID card brilliant, just brilliant thinking.) at the school that afternoon, got a tour of the school from the principal,(Second clue , the principal gave the ROYAL treatment, very edgy ,but I think the principal was in it all along.) then gave his presentation and left, Mohawk Schools Superintendent Ken Ratliff said.

“The presentation was about being active in politics, political processes,” Ratliff said. “Everyone thought it was legit; bought into it, including the teacher.”You see any one can become anything they want here in AMERICA. You can even become a SENATOR or even a PRESIDENT ,     OBAMA DID IT   just see what he did to become a Senator and President .Hillary was Senator, Secretary of State  , now running for President.            Image result for obama images            Image result for hillary clinton angry 2016 images             Image result for bernie sander angry 2016 images     (Bernie Sanders , what can you say about a guy who will give everyone free college ed OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET )                                                         

Authorities said Reineke Ford provided a car and driver for the day to the supposed legislator. (Man this guy got the royal treatment, just think what they would have done  if HILLARY or SANDERS showed up.  Obama is a has been so no car for you , ass wipe. ) The Blade said Reineke Motors general manager Tony Flood said it’s not unusual for the dealership to help the nearby school district. Really this is good that this dealership gave their time , man , and auto . I think that is very nice of them.

Wyandot County Sheriff Mike Hetzel said no one at the school was in any danger,(Thank GOD no one got hurt he could have just as easily brought in  two  ak47  with those BIG CLIPS OF AMMO but) ,then we would have to start the GET RID of ASSAULT GUNS) a sheriff’s deputy was at the school during the time of the visit.

Ratliff said, though, that the district now takes extra steps to verify visitors’ identities.(Thank you young man, you really should try this at Washington Senate, I bet a dime to a Image result for funny saying about betting a dollar to a

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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