Retweet this if you think this project is a waste of tax dollars! Plz. Researchers have discovered the secret to the perfect tweet(This just to amazing that we have to support this shit ) and have created a site to rate how well-crafted your tweets are.( I find that if you want to have the perfect Tweet then you need  a college course , yes one that will take 4 semesters to complete. Plus it will have to be at a top notch college and have a perfect LIBERAL professor , how about Yale they are good at this crap and taxpayers do not mind kicking in some more of their money. Hell once the BERN gets into office and starts taxing everyone 90% of their money, for the governments free college education,this may start a rage to have it in all colleges .  The project was funded with part of a $2.6 million National Science Foundation continuing grant438 and additional support from Google. Of course  Previous studies found the dominant factor for being retweeted HOLY SHIT they found a dominant factor “is not what you write, This is true nobody really cares what you write  as a twitter , see you could write can you see me now . NAW, it really matters how many idiots are are twittin while driving or walking into buildings , nowImage result for tweeting really it’s all about your followers. First you need a minimum of 2 to get started TWITTING.  Basically, a famous person can write anything totally stupid, for an example , let’s take like Kayne ( Hell I hope I spelled that correct as he needs all the twits sending in the money) Yes he can write something as intelligent as  YO YO and every one will follow him over the cliff,)and it will be retweeted. An unknown person (That’s Mr. Nobody to you ass wipe) can write the same tweet and it will be ignored.”440 But since not everybody is famous, how can the average Twitter user increase the likelihood of a message being retweeted?  Researchers at Cornell University (WOW this big time to use real researchers at Corn u) compared nearly 1.8 million pairs of tweets from the same 236,000 Twits  on the same topics—but written differently—and concluded  “wording still matters.” and sprelling counts too , now here is where it gets really ,I mean really important that it gets so technical that most twits have to take the course again441 Using their findings, an algorithm (algo-rithm or is it al gor ithm)was developed to evaluate potential tweets to predict which is more likely to be retweeted. Twitter users can compare potential tweets using the algorithm online at https://chenhaot.com/retweetedmore/ (SHIT  THEY setup a web sight for this).According to the algorithm’s analysis, for example, the statement “

(Retweet this if you think that this project is worth the money , 2.6 million + dollars , Taxpayers dollars) (What the hell this qoute has a 92% chance of being retwitted especially if some high profile singer or actor does it.) ( To the poor people that do not have the popularity that they have) Now the same idea worded as ( Can you believe that this silly project was funded with your TAX dollars .Hell no this quote put me to sleep. What is A Twit to do?)443 The researchers identified NINE RULES  to improve Twitter users’ chance of being retweeted: 1) Ask people to share your message: Plz retweet. 2) Be informative. Length often helps.(Hell I was always told size matters) 3) Conform to the expectations of your audience by using familiar language while being true to yourself. Sure always be true to your self and always get to a SAFE ZONE.)“Although distinctive messages may attract attention, messages that conform to expectations might be more easily accepted and therefore shared.” 4) Imitate newspaper headlines. “News headlines are intentionally worded to be both informative and attention-getting.” O YES  always be informed, such as do you think the Germans will win the war)5) Use words contained in other retweeted messages.(YEP just waste a hour looking for words.) 6) Use positive and negative words.(WHAAAT?) 7) Refer to other people, rather than just to yourself.(Now that is a good idea have some one else be your twit and have them do all the twittings) Use third person pronouns. 8) Be general. “Movie quotes are more shared in the culture when they are general enough to be used in multiple contexts.”(Like DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK, WELL DO YA) 9) The easier to read, the better.444 Since the question of how to best make a “successful” message is important for the framing of issues by political parties, the researchers note politicians should have an interest in the findings of their work.445 “An important type of success is achieved if the national conversation adopts the rhetoric of the party.”That is if the political party is working which happens rarely .) 446 No matter how you tweet it, this is (# Wasteful). “Retweet this if you think this project is a waste of tax dollars” is better worded than “Can you believe this silly project was funded with your tax dollars?” concluded an analysis of successful message wording made possible with funding from the federal government. Sooo, don’t forget to do all your TWEETING while walking on the edge of a cliff.Image result for tweeting


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