4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Islam Comes to Conquer West

Every once in awhile a post on a Facebook group or Google+ group catches my attention and I file it back for future consideration to share on my blogs. One such post I discovered on one of the many Counterjihad groups I am a member of that was posted by Karen Czarnowsky on 12/17/15. The thing I failed to post the appropriate Facebook group she posted in and I just hastily copy and pasted from the Facebook Counterjihad page that Karen posted on. Fortunately Karen posted the link to where she discovered the info I am about to share on my blog. I write all this because I like to give a blog pedigree from where I share from and frankly Karen’s post isn’t formated in the same way as the original source which is what I will use here for Counterjihad educational purposes.

The blog I am sharing from…

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