Brilliant video: “Blood will be on media’s hands” if campaign violence gets worse

Really I believe if the Washington cartel has any say in this matter which I believe they have everything to do with it. Trump may speak of standing up against the bullies at these campaigns, but he is not the one that insights them . First why if we have free speech that they try to stop it ,so we are ,not in the wrong to stand against the clowns who do not what it to go on . I would like to think that if I was to see Trump at a campaign rally and these nut cases start again to try and stop it , then they cannot say it is Trumps fault . I would expect the attendees to react , surround them and toss their asses out. It is this kind of shit that people are tired of we need to finally stand up and make it miserable for them. Thanks Ann for the link

American Resistance 2016!

Watch this stunning video by Paul Joseph Watson: ‘The Assassination of Donald Trump’ (hat tip: Diana):

Here is the link if the clip doesn’t appear for you:

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