REALLY— Even now, he is not out of maybe writing one last executive action. He really thinks he deserves this when people  on social security and the veterans get SHIT. That is what he should get , but let’s be fair he did do exactly what he said he would do . F–K-UP THE WHOLE COUNTRY and he did ,  with a lot of help from his friends on both sides of the isle .   Obama will go down in history as the worst elected official  in AmericaHISTORYdouche-hall-of-fame-300x300Global-Warn-600-LA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Look How Obama Just Tried To Use His Presidential Powers To Set Up His Post-Presidency Life

In anticipation of his departure…

For the second year in a row, President Obama has requested an increased in the amount of money available for the federal government to spend on former presidents.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a report on Wednesday, which details the benefits available to former presidents and the proposed 18 percent hike that Obama seeks to increase the total to $3,865,000 in FY 2017, up $588,000 from this fiscal year in anticipation of his departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama requested and received a $25,000 increased in FY 2016 for a total of $3,277,000 for the appropriations which fall under the Former Presidents Act (FPA), passed in 1958.

The CRS reports that until that time presidents did not receive a pension or other benefits, which now include travel and office space expenses. Under the FPA, former presidents receive pay equal to a Cabinet level secretary, which for calendar year 2016 is $205,700. By comparison, presidents in office earn $400,000 in salary, plus receive travel and entertainment expense allotments, totaling over $100,000 more.

The FPA was passed with the intent of maintaining the “dignity of the presidency” after office and was in direct response to the financial challenges former President Harry Truman experienced in his post White House years.

Critics argue that times have changed, and former presidents in modern society do quite well financially with book deals and paid speaking engagements, etc.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Neb., have introduced legislation to set former presidents pensions at $200,000 with increase each year equal to that authorized by Social Security. They would also receive an additional $200,000 for all other expense, far below their current levels. (See chart below.) Further the legislation would reduce the pension by $1 for every dollar former presidents earns over $400,000 any given year. The House passed the measure earlier this year.

“It’s pretty simple. You want a retirement and pension, it’s there. But if you’re going to go out and make enormous sums of money, then you don’t need taxpayer subsidies,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) told ABC News.

 I know in the way of support he has shown the lgbt (gays) group let’s make him a going to hell CAKE  . cake1-300x300

“Former President Bill Clinton, for example, earned $132 million for delivering paid speeches between February 2001 and March 2015, according to an analysis from CNN. Clinton received $924,000 in taxpayer dollars last year by way of the Former Presidents Act,”CLINT                                                                       See I told you this is how you f-ck all these losers, and you can go away a winner like me , plus you can have any woman in town  , I have. Now do this and you can destroy a whole country and get away with all the illegal stuff you want. Don’t worry congress is asleep and they are as bad as we are.

If the senate passes the FPA reform measure, the need for Obama’s nearly $600,000 increase in the funding for former presidents will almost certainly go away.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon


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