I get it , I really do get it.                                                        Here we are in the in the Twilight Zone, It’s hard to imagine that Roaches ( what I call Muslims because we are apes) have entered Europe so easily . That’s how Roaches do it through wanting to integrate in to society. Just a few to start , they get your confidence and start asking for ease of restrictions.The super powers of the world start a war in Roach Haven, The horror and disgusting nature of Roaches seem to make it so easy to call them victims. The Roaches  start leaving Roach Haven mainly because their Government has one Bad ass Roach to keep the pressure on all the little Roach’s. (Hmm, is this familiar) . So few of the seek refuge in other parts of the world and find it to their liking. These Roaches are treated very well by the Ants in these foreign countries ( You can assume Ants are Europeans, no Offence but which would you rather be) The leftist Ants want to give them free stuff , food , housing , medical,clothing, It’s okay we welcome everyone we COEXIST and you to can COEXIST. ( Who is paying for this COEXIST) Everything is going great and then more Roaches come , suddenly there is a unnoticed invasion of ANT HILL by thousands of  young male Roaches( by the way I thought Ants were intelligent so what happened on the invasion, OOOHHHH I  see  Leftist Ants) , Back to the Roach invasion notice that very few female Roaches are with them, HA HA they left them behind to fight in the war ( most were pregnant with hundreds of  baby ROACHES) Where in hell as the Right ANTS , nobody knows maybe at the beaches on vacation. The young Roaches start demanding more and more freebies , hell why not ,left ANTS and the left leader ANTS welcomed the COCKY ROACHES with open arms, come COEXIST with us . Now these young Roaches do not want to work like the Ants do ,so they don’t. Being bored the young Roaches become  YOUNG HORNY ROACHES and they have to have it, they cannot resist, it’s just their way. So misunderstood.                                                                          Yes i know it says America—– I also know we are NEXT.   Anyway these Roaches Rape and Mate and they are victims. ( Some has to explain that one) Shortly after these ANT HILLS are taken over by ROACHES (ants no more) still looking for the right Ants. OOhhh I forgot to mention the Roaches hate  Gay Ants or any other gay creatures, they will kill them. EXCEPT there is not enough ways to get at the female Ants  so they start on boys , mules , sheep, trees, exhaust pipes  ,you get the picture.They turn their new home into the exact duplicate of the Wasteland they left. Next comes the deal of a lifetime, you must convert to THE RELIGION OF PEACE   or                      off with their heads and now you see how COCK ROACHES SPREAD. Now I ask you You the ANTS of America are you left or right, not that’s going to make a difference . The invasion has started , so kiss your sweet ANTS goodbye.  Because of this          and this     and these ROACHES                                   caused by the 


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