Catholic Charities targeting Ithaca, NY for new refugee resettlement office

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I suspect this is going on all across America now asObama has put the pedal to the metal to get his 10,000 Syrian Sunni Muslims resettled on top of the 75,000 (more than in recent years) other refugees from around the world.  The existing180-190 contractor offices are probably all struggling to find housing for the huge flood expected by September 30th.

newyork_map Refugees are already being placed in all of these cities, but they need fresh “welcoming” territory!

This article at makes it all sound so nice, so welcoming, so easy.

What a joke that they will get these impoverished people on their feet in three months and it won’t cost local taxpayers a dime!  Oh yeh! What about the kids in schools, what about health care, what about housing for poor and disabled Americans—this is all FREE! Who knew!

For all of you near Ithaca, please read

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