Another 10 Groomers From Rochdale Jailed

Hey Washington D.C. I would not worry about the Washington Madame when these people WHOM YOU ARE bringing in to our country notice I said our country . I really do not care ,but maybe you need to keep a close eye on your sons and daughters

Kafir Crusaders

Once again Rochdale, Greater Manchesters  Muslim enclave is making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. It was the trial of a gang of Muslim paedophiles from the town which brought the Muslim grooming gang epidemic to the nations attention back in 2012. Fours years on it is for that very same reason once again Rochdale is in the news as another bunch of Islamic paedo filth are jailed.
This is now the fourth grooming gang from Rochdale to be banged up for sexually exploiting young vulnerable white schoolgirls. The number of Muslim offenders just shows how deep the rape jihad cancer goes in Rochdales Muslim community.
For each jailed Muslim grooming gang member jailed there is most likely a minimum of 3 others that have been involved yet so far haven’t been brought to justice, and double that who were fully aware of the paedophiles activities. Yet stood…

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