Minneapolis: Muslim airport worker

  OOHHH HELL NO this is unbelieveable                         AP just can’t figure out why Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame tried to join the Islamic State, and neither can anyone in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis: Muslim airport worker who preached non-violence tries to join Islamic State. He preached the religion of peace and no one in Minneapolis can’t figure this out?????????????. I understand AP can’t but Minneapolis , must have had a brain freeze.

AP just can’t figure out why Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame tried to join the Islamic State, and neither can anyone in Minneapolis. “Local leaders have launched a major effort to stop the flow by building up positive influences on the thousands of young Somalis in the area. And in many ways, Warsame seemed to embody the key points: hopeful attitude, engaged in the community, with strong family support.”We should have paid him to stay here and not become a jihadist. Yet he still tried to join the Islamic State, after having been radicalized on the Internet.You know there has to be some kind of birth control that these people could take for this Islamic disease.  No one involved is stopping to ponder why the non-violent Islam that he supposedly learned in Minneapolis, you people really need to ponder this problem ,I know let’s set up an investigation , we only need maybe  a hundred people @ a cost of  , what do think 5 million should cover the think tanks expenses and that he even preached, was not able to withstand the appeal of the Internet hijackers of Islam. No one ever ponders that question, and yet it is the key and central question in this case and all such cases. This is the key question to ponder is how did he had no will power to refuse yet lure of the internet. The force may not have been with this COCKROACH. 

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame

“Surrounded by positives, young Somali chose Islamic State,” by Amy Forliti, Associated Press, April 9, 2016 (thanks to Thomas):

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — As a spoken word artist, what the hell is a word artist, Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame liked to talk to other young Somalis about following their dreams. In a video posted online in 2011, the teenager stands at a microphone and encourages teens to stay focused on their goals in life.Shit that was way back in 2011.

“You guys are tomorrow. And all you have to have, to get anywhere you want, is determination,”you to can blow yourself up and get those virgins, Mickey Mouse will be there to greet you my brothers  said Warsame, who was active in a local arts group, Hell no  wonder another bleeding liberal arts baby it probably was the professor that convinced him to join. was a regular at a neighborhood center, and whose mother and cousin were leading voices against radical recruitment in Minneapolis’ large Somali community.Bullshit that was a cover story, don’t you know COCKROACH are smuggled in the sewer system

In recent years, about three dozen young men from Somali neighborhoods in Minnesota have tried to leave to join militant groups fighting in Somalia and Syria, making the area one of the leading sources of U.S. recruits for radical Islam. Local leaders have launched a major effort to stop the flow by building up positive influences on the thousands of young Somalis in the area. And in many ways, Warsame seemed to embody the key points: hopeful attitude, engaged in the community, with strong family support. You fools you need to pay them, and give the jobs .

But Warsame’s case, rather than a positive example, has become a cautionary tale. Standing in jail-issue clothing before a federal judge in Minneapolis earlier this year, the tall young man, who is now 21, hung his head as he admitted to secretly planning with friends in 2014 to go to Syria to fight with the Islamic State group. He now faces up to 15 years in prison. AAAWW just another misunderstood child.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, “I was always listening to one side,” he said at a court hearing, referring to radical messages he saw online. “I didn’t see the other side of it, that innocent people were being killed.”Are you kidding me.

It’s clear that by his teen years, “it was too late,” said Farhio Khalif, no he was born with it dipshit, a leader of a community task force that is working with the U.S. attorney’s office on anti-recruitment strategies. “He was already caught up.”

The effort must begin earlier, convincing young children that “there is opportunity and there is hope in this community,” Khalif said. Yes  there is hoe and change  ask Obama,  as soon as you get to 8 years of age we will brainwash you  to carry suicide belt. 

Minnesota’s Somali population, the U.S.’s largest, numbers 41,000, according to census estimates, though community advocates say it is much larger. They have been drawn here over the years by welcoming social programs. This where the MAIN PROBLEM comes from (social programs)

Since local recruits began leaving for the war zones about 10 years ago, FBI officials here have appeared on Somali radio and television programs to counter the radical messages luring them.How is that going for you? Somali community groups have held regular meetings to raise awareness about the recruitment threat. A group called Ka Joog, which is Somali for “stay away,” sponsored activities that give kids a sense of belonging in America.(why would you name your group to stay away)

Last year, in the largest effort, organizers secured $850,000 for an ambitious package of projects, including a new job center in the Somali community where unemployment hovers around 19 percent, about three times the state average.

A leading target of the effort is “Little Mogadishu,” where Warsame grew up. The neighborhood is marked by the massive 1970s-era concrete towers looming at its center, and dotted with Somali restaurants, shops and cultural centers.

Warsame, who goes by Zak or A-Zak, came to the U.S. with his family when he was 10 months old, the second of eight children. In his teens, Warsame found poetry as a way to express himself. Well isn’t just SPECIAL.He joined a group called Poet Nation and posted videos on YouTube. In one that features his old neighborhood, Warsame, wearing a Minnesota Twins hat, raps about violence after a friend was shot. He says he doesn’t preach violence, and gives “much love to the projects,” where gang-related shootings are a constant threat….of course not it’s the religion of peace

Warsame had work and school opportunities after high school. He worked as a baggage handler and for a deicing company at the airport and attended community college. It amazes me as to the college and good jobs they get and American youth are trying to work at McDonalds. 

His mother, Deqa Hussen, was vigilant about radical influences. At one point, concerned about some of his companions, she sent him to live with his father in Chicago in 2014. Holy crap send him to the most violent city in the country Two months before her son’s December arrest, she lectured Somali parents at a town hall meeting: “I need you guys to wake up and to tell your child, ‘Who’s recruiting you?’ Ask what happened. …. We have to stop the denial thing that we have, and we have to talk to our kids and work with the FBI.” Psst. Just kidding

But at his plea hearing, Warsame told the judge he was already in thrall to Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical Islamic cleric killed in Yemen in 2011, listening to his lectures on the internet and watching videos of beheadings. You gotta love those be headings they really do them with pleasure  He said he came to believe his duty as a devout Muslim was to take up arms against non-Muslims….PEOPLE that last line is the real story, if anyone tells you differently then you need to live with them for 30 days.


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