German Citizens Told ‘..Do Not Wave at Obama During Upcoming Visit or You Will be Shot..’

The best thing to do is not show up at all, He and merkel do not deserve your wave the middle finger yes.

sharia unveiled

by, Kelly Sloan | TruNews

Residents in Germany are being told to be cautious when President Obama visits in a few weeks – to avoid being shot.

He is set to meet with German Chancellor Angel Merkel at Hannover Messe, which is a global trade fair for industrial technology, according to The Local.  Security will be tight in the Zoo area of Hannover during the one-day visit.

The 1800 residents who live there have been told not to wave because it could be perceived as threatening and to stay away from windows in their homes.

Anyone who doesn’t live in the area or who works there has to obtain written permission from the government.

Home inspections by police could be conducted if law enforcement becomes alarmed.  Vehicles will be searched and passports required.

Public transportation will be stopped during the visit and manhole covers will be welded shut. Building rooftops will…

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