Angelina Jolie foundation behind getting lawyers for illegal alien ‘children,’ calls them refugees

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Update!  Oops! Thanks to all who spotted it—wrong link in here earlier today!

The US border invasion by so-called ‘Unaccompanied alien children’ is on and is predicted to be as big as the wave that washed over Texas and Arizona in 2014.

angelinajolie-thumb-large Jolie, as special ambassador to the UNHCR, knows darn well what the real definition of a refugee is. She is part of a huge worldwide political movement attempting to convince you that anyone on the move for any reason is entitled to refugee protection. Photo:

However, the news is not making the front page yet, and I predict every effort is being made to hide the frightening numbers as revealing them will only add fuel to the fire of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign.  (And, it is the left-leaning media’s job to keep Trump out of the White House.)

Here is the story from Phoenix New…

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